FAB Group and Gratifii add magic to employee incentives

Client  FAB Group (Franchisor for Caci New Zealand)
Campaign  Caciverse
The Challenge

When you’re a franchise operator with 85 clinics, providing a clear cohesive employee experience and messaging, can be challenging.

That was the case for New Zealand’s FAB Group, a skin and appearance franchise with a team of nearly 500 across New Zealand, which also wanted to unite its team and provide another reason to be part of the Caci brand.

“We wanted to make Caci an even better place to work, and the perks and the loyalty parts are important. We wanted the team to feel valued and recognised for their work,” says Chelsea Cresswell, FAB Group People and Culture Manager.

While the company wanted a cohesive, connected network, its current way of working was very manual and inefficient. There was no visibility in the hands of the team members, and they were not easily able to track their success.

“One of our goals was to reduce that administration friction within our support office and give some control to the Caci team” Cresswell says.



The Solution

FAB Group had a vision for a magical offering for its team: Caciverse, a land of Caci perks and recognition that was easy, social and rewarding for its team.

Gratifii worked with FAB Group on brand development and design of the Caciverse incentive program to maximise employee engagement.

“Gratifii’s strategic guidance was really important,” Emily Stevenson, FAB Group Product and Customer Strategy Manager, says.

“We knew it had to be magical, engaging, and enable the clinic team to easily purchase products they love from our own Skincare brands and third-party partners. We had to provide a platform for the team to easily access the products we sell in clinic and more. In terms of the incentive framework and how that would work, that was very much influenced from Gratifii.”

Gratifii’s Mosaic platform was used to provide an end-to-end solution that enables simple configuration and self-administration for FAB Group’s team. This continues to evolve and will provide even more self-administration in the future. “The flexibility and ongoing development of the [Mosaic] platform was one of the reasons we went with Gratifii,” Stevenson says.


The company had several internal goals when it launched Caciverse. Key among them was to get 80 percent of the network on-board within eight weeks of launch.

“We achieved that with 82 percent of the team onboarded,” Cresswell says. “And we had 100 percent of the clinics represented with at least one person, in that same period, which was really great and gave us an influencer in each clinic to show others the benefits and how to use Caciverse,” she says.

Importantly, Cresswell says Caciverse ensures all of Caci’s team know about all the available incentives and how they can be rewarded for their work.

“They know exactly where to go for the information, and the site allows them to shop for our own products – because we are skincare lovers after all,” Cresswell says.

The team earn points for completing incentives and can use those points – or cash – to purchase Caci’s own products as well as those from other great brands they have partnered with. Within a matter of months, the team were enjoying their buying power, with a 50:50 split between points and cash sales.

FAB Group’s Support Office staff are also able to use Caciverse to purchase product, which has been a positive addition for the Support Team – and another perk of working at FAB Group.

“In terms of incentive behaviour, we have seen positive trends over the past four months since launch,” Cresswell says.

The ability to earn points for sales has also resulted in benefits.

“We’ve seen higher numbers of staff members completing transactions, because there is an added incentive to not only enter data correctly in the point of sales system, but also receive their points, providing a true reflection of sales by role.”

A dashboard provides actionable insights for the company, highlighting trends and opportunities for influencing behaviours across the network, and is enabling FAB Group to be more strategic about campaigns, Stevenson says.

“Because we can analyse the data and see what is influencing key behaviours we’re trying to encourage, we can pivot really quickly and make changes, such as doubling points for a behaviour that is working to try and influence it even more.

“It’s meant that strategically, we can support the entire network to help them achieve their goals while also rewarding the team, which has been great.”

Cresswell says the site has provided a boost to the company’s culture and employee engagement.

“The biggest indicator of that is that the number of people engaged and the traffic to the site has remained consistently high since we launched.”

Feedback from the team has also been positive, Cresswell and Stevenson say – including one Caci Clinic owner who dubbed Caciverse ‘the best thing to have been developed’.

Leaderboards on the front page enable Caci’s team to see and compete with each other – and have visibility of other teams across the Caci network.

“Our Caci team didn’t have one place to see incentives, it was all very ad hoc. Now we’ve brought it all together in one place and everyone has the opportunity to be recognised instantly, rather than some people winning big amounts less frequently,” Cresswell says. “It’s made it really fair across our entire group.”