Alinta Energy customer rewards put power in customers’ hands

Saying thank you to customers – and offering respite, and some fun, in tough times.
Client  Alinta Energy
Customer program name  Alinta Energy Rewards Shop
The Challenge

When the cost-of-living crisis started to bite, people all around Australia tightened their belts – and their purse strings. Replacing failed appliances and electronics were sometimes put on hold, as were, for many, ‘luxuries’ like a night at the movies or a meal out.

Many, however, found some much-needed assistance through their power company: Alinta Energy.

A provider of gas and electricity to more than one million customers across Australia, Alinta Energy approached Neat Ideas in 2019 because it was keen to stand out in the highly competitive market, show gratitude to customers and enhance engagement and retention. The primary focus was on promoting everyday savings to help alleviate cost-of-living pressures.

The Solution

Neat Ideas worked with Alinta Energy to develop a company-branded rewards shop which provided over 2,000 discounted vouchers, gift cards, home appliances and electronics plus experiences from over 150 suppliers, at best-in-market pricing.

Alinta Energy customers are given access to the Rewards Shop and all discounted tickets and products within, without any additional requirements to unlock these benefits.

Discounted gift cards for essentials, including petrol and grocery, are among the offerings available, with Alinta Energy ensuring all rewards are available to all its customers.

As well as the everyday offers available, Neat Ideas, harnessing its wide breadth of long-established partners and the buying power that provides, creates bespoke offerings specifically for Alinta Energy’s Rewards Shop, driving additional engagement.

Regular updates and mention of any special promotions in Alinta Energy’s monthly e-newsletter and quarterly Advantages publication further push customers to the site, ensuring they harness the savings benefits.

Neat Ideas complements the technology with the buying power that comes from more than 30 years providing rewards in the Australian market which is the real winner, providing the deep discounts that can really make a difference for consumers and their wallets.

While discounts of up to 50 percent off home appliances and electronics, 48 percent off movie tickets, and 33 percent off adventure and attraction tickets are standard, special promotions can see even greater discounts.

For Alinta Energy, there’s minimal administration hassles – Neat Ideas handles all reward fulfilment and any customer support when it comes to the Rewards Shop, freeing Alinta Energy up to continue focusing on what it does best.